Funding Areas

Aging & Elderly
Autism & Learning Disorders
Autoimmune Disease & Allergy
Catastrophic Illness
Military & Dependents
Needy Individuals & Families
Spreading the Gospel

Serving Jesus Christ


Funding Areas

The Master's Legacy Foundation makes grants and donations to 501(c)(3) organizations which serve in the program areas listed below.  TMLF does not make grants, gifts or donations directly to individuals or corporations. 

The Master's Legacy Foundation is primarily interested in promising and innovative programs operated by stable, experienced organizations. 

Benchmarks that will be applied to projects and organizations in all seven established funding areas are:

  • Strength of proposal and match to Foundation guidelines and funding areas.
  • Quality, innovation, and logical presentation of project design, implementation and evaluation.
  • Applicant non-profit's leadership, organizational history and vision.
  • Potential to stretch or leverage Foundation funds.
  • Benefits to recipients of services, programs and projects.

Aging and Elderly
Senior citizens are wonderful resources to families and communities, having experience and insights others cannot fathom.  Ensuring our elderly have the care, medications, opportunities, stimulation and companionship they need, that caregivers have respite and support services and that research into aging issues continues is one of the interests of The Master's Legacy Foundation.

Autism and Learning Disorders
Many families have found themselves dealing with the emotional strain and financial stress as well as the joys and wonder of raising children with autism, asperger's disorders, and severe learning disorders.  The Master's Legacy Foundation passionately supports programs and projects to provide the one-on-one educational and other opportunities needed to improve the lives of affected individuals and families and support research into prevention, treatment strategies and cures for these challenges.

Autoimmune Diseases and Allergies
An increasing numbers of individuals are diagnosed with autoimmune diseases and allergies each year which severely limit their life choices.  Sometimes a change in environment, diet, or lifestyle can help improve their conditions.  For some, life long medication, injections, inhalers, or medical equipment is needed to relieve the conditions enough to allow a full life.  The Master's Legacy Foundation is interested in assisting agencies who provide educational programs, respite services, assistance with medication and environmental rehabilitation to assist those affected and agencies who do research into prevention and cures.

Catastrophic Illness
The magnitude of catastrophic illness and cost to families and society continues to increase.  New therapies, drugs and medical equipment are developed every year.  Funding organizations who assist families affected by the stress of the health care, medical treatment, and rehabilitation are another priority funding area for The Master's Legacy Foundation.

Military and Dependents
Those men and women who voluntarily serve in the military of the United States and the families who love and support them have a special place in the heart of The Master's Legacy Foundation.  The Master's Legacy Foundation places a high priority on providing funds to organizations which serve military personnel, families of military personnel or wounded service personnel.

Needy individuals and families in the United States
Circumstances sometimes overwhelm the a person's resources.  Assisting people who have a temporary, but real need for assistance with lodging, transportation, food, job hunting and clothing is a funding priority for The Master's Legacy Foundation.

Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Without hope, life is empty.  Our true source of hope in life and for eternal life is belief in the creator, God, and His Son, Jesus Christ who gave His own life to save each person and whose example of a servant leader is the focus of The Master's Legacy Foundation.  A high priority for this foundation is assisting Christian organizations to spread the Good News of the Gospel, serve mankind, and help those in need.

To apply for an award please complete our application. For more information about the application process click here.