Funding Areas

Aging & Elderly
Autism & Learning Disorders
Autoimmune Disease & Allergy
Catastrophic Illness
Military & Dependents
Needy Individuals & Families
Spreading the Gospel

Serving Jesus Christ


TMLF Application Process

TMLF grant applicants must be pre-approved.  Once approved to apply, TMLF  follows our Review Criteria and Basic Guidelines as posted below.

The majority of our grants will support programs and projects.  On occasion, operating grants may be considered.

Grants are awarded to nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations operating in the United States.  Grants are made to support programs and projects having primary focus in serving individuals in our funding area target populations.

TMLF does not award grants for fund raising drives, scholarships, support of individuals, sponsorship of fund raising events, or emergency organizational funds.

General solicitations are not acknowledged or considered.  Occasionally, TMLF may distribute end of the year funds (our fiscal year ends September 30) and may make small awards.  Nonprofits whose missions match our funding priorities and wish to be considered for funds may notify the foundation of their interest in small non-grant donations by a one time email with a subject line of  “End of the Year TMLF giving” from an organization email address. Letter should be submitted via email by clicking here.

Submittal of Email Letter to Request Invitation to Apply

Organizations interested in applying for a grant must review the Funding Areas and determine if there is a match with our Foundation's interests.  Then, organizations with matching missions may prepare a 1-2 page letter of  request to apply for funding.  The email letter shall explain the constituent need, how the requestor's intended use of grant funds matches the Foundation's mission, the amount to be requested and include a brief description of the applicant organization. Only qualifying organizations will receive an invitation to submit an application and be provided the documents to initiate that process.  Include the name, address and website of the organization, and the name, phone number and e-mail address of a contact person.  There are no deadlines for letters of request to apply.  Letters will be considered as they are received; timing of actual response and any scheduling of a full proposal may vary.

Letter should be submitted via email by clicking here.

Communication with and from Foundation Staff

On receipt of email letter and proposal question communications, TMLF will respond by email or letter.  TMLF does not have full-time paid staff.  Please allow 48 hours for a response to email.  If response is delayed, please fax us (303-797-3217)  to ensure receipt of correspondence.

If a request is outside the target funding priorities, you will not receive a response.

Requests within funding priorities will receive an acknowledgment and reply.

Grant Application Deadlines

Grants are awarded no less often than once per year prior to the Foundation's tax year end
of September 30th.

Review Criteria

Benchmarks that will be applied to projects and organizations in all seven established funding areas are:

  • Strength of proposal and match to Foundation guidelines and funding areas.
  • Quality, innovation, and logical presentation of project design, implementation and evaluation.
  • Applicant non-profit's leadership, organizational history and vision.
  • Potential to stretch or leverage Foundation funds.
  • Benefits to recipients of services, programs and projects.

Basic Guidelines

Proper English language usage is expected.  Proposals shall be in Times New Roman or Arial 12 point font (or higher) with a one inch margin minimum.

The proposal should be very organized using headers for ease of review.

Applicants will submit the TMLF cover page, a copy of the IRS Letter of Determination for 501(c)(3) status and a proposal of not more than four (4) pages following the TMLF grant proposal format.  Goals and objectives of the proposed funding use shall be clear and measurable.  Attachment of documents specifically listed as optional are accepted.